Prime Day Massage Gun Special!

Time to move easier with Rooftree. Tap into your next level of wellness and performance while this award-winning technology is on sale.⁠ Use R20 to activate your muscles pre-workout and recover from strenuous training (if you missed my last post on this neat recovery tool, check it out here). Originally $199, you can now get the Rooftree R20 for just $119! Shop the sale at, from now until Tuesday, 6/22, use code: prime80

What is percussive therapy and should you use it?

A Review of the Rooftree R20 Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Massage guns are having a moment. But if you’re already stretching and foam rolling, do you even need one? The short answer, if you dislike sore muscles and want to feel good after a hard workout, is a resounding YES! Massage guns- like the RoofTree …

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