What is percussive therapy and should you use it?

A Review of the Rooftree R20 Percussion Muscle Massage Gun Massage guns are having a moment. But if you’re already stretching and foam rolling, do you even need one? The short answer, if you dislike sore muscles and want to feel good after a hard workout, is a resounding YES! Massage guns- like the RoofTree …

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Tip Tuesday: Hydration

It’s Tip Tuesday! Tonight’s tip is all about WATER. The name of the game is hydration. The folks at Road Runners Club of America want you to know that water delivers nutrients to working muscles and assists in temperature regulation. We all know that it’s important, but how can we be sure were consuming enough? …

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This week is all about your SHOES. Running shoes- the bane of my wallet’s existence (forget about closet space). Tip #1: Make sure you’re in the right kind of shoes. Are your feet narrow or wide? Got high arches or flat feet? Do you over-pronate? Heel strike? Slap one foot? Are you a speedster or …

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