Workouts you can do anywhere!

In the midst of keeping your family safe, happy and healthy, you may be looking for ways to stay active and keep up your fitness. Now that gyms are officially closed in many areas, here’s a sampling of a workout you can do anywhere (in your basement, in your driveway, on the beach< etc.) and requires ZERO equipment! For more workouts like this, or more personalized, custom moves based on whatever equipment you have at home, hit up my contact page! See notes below the image for some helpful hints.

Russian Twists: Sit in your bottom, knees bent, feet on the floor (or up in the air for a challenge). Engage your abs and twist your entire torso from left to right, tapping your knuckles on the ground beside you each time. Every rep counts!
Bridge Pulses: Lie on your back, knees bent, feet on the floor, arms down beside you. Engage your TA (deep ab muscle) and glutes (your bum), send your hips up to the sky.

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