Coaching Services

Get in the best shape of your life.

Become a better runner

1:1 Run Coaching

What’s Included in 1:1 Coaching:
  • Personalized Training Plans: Customized programming* tailored to your specific goals and individual needs as a runner, focusing on your strengths and weaknesses. Together, we will identify areas for improvement and I will offer ways to optimize performance. *Includes specific workouts (pushed directly to Garmin Watch) with distance, time, pace & recovery built in.
  • Final Surge account, including access to my carefully curated Files & Resources
  • Performance Tracking and Analysis: I utilize advanced tracking technologies to monitor and analyze your running data, including pace, heart rate, and distance to provide actionable insights and drive continuous improvement in your running.
  • Unlimited communication and modifications
  • Run Fit Stoked e-book
  • Run Fit Stoked shirt
  • Discounts on Strength Training Plans
  • Invitations to group training sessions and special events that foster a sense of community and provide additional motivation (plus, they’re just FUN!)
  • Race Strategy (including weather-proof pace bands when necessary)
  • Adult and Youth Programs
  • Base Training and/or Race-Specific Programs, from 1-mile through Ultra
  • In-person sessions available for an extra fee (see Personal Training below)

PRICING: $150/month, 3-month minimum to start, $75/hour in person sessions

Custom Plan

What’s Included in a Custom Training Plan:
  • Personal consultation to discuss goals, schedule, history, etc.
  • Custom Training Plan designed to help you meet your goals, tailored to meet YOUR needs. Delivered via Final Surge to be executed on your own.
  • Base-Training or Race-Specific, from 1-mile through Ultras
  • Adult and Youth Programs Available
  • Run Fit Stoked e-book

PRICING: $75/plan; can purchase multiple plans

strength training for runners

Strength Training


This program helps you become a stronger runner, able to run further before getting fatigued, and will help you avoid injury with moved to build strength and improve mobility and flexibility. Targeting all the areas we sometimes forget, this progressive plan, is short and sweet and fits seamlessly with your run training.

PRICING: $40/month for active 1:1 Stoked runners, $75/month for non-running clients


Includes everything above but is specifically tailored to your personal ability, goals, schedule, available equipment, etc. Think of this as your virtual personal training- the plan is built just for YOU.

PRICING: $75/month for active 1:1 Stoked runners, $150 for non-running clients

stronger runner

Personal Training


Boost your fitness with individual attention and a personalized, progressive program. All personal training includes a Stoked t-shirt, postural assessment and corrective exercises if needed. Included but not limited to running, strength training, low-impact cardio, mobility, flexibility, and balance training as determined after consultation. All ages, fitness levels, and abilities welcome.


  • My personal home gym (complete with TRX, rower, dumbbells, Peleton bike, battle ropes, bands, balls, Bosu and more!)
  • Jersey Shore Fitness Shop in Bradley Beach
  • Your home or a neutral (non-gym) site


**A’ la Carte workouts that fit into your program, delivered via PDF (i.e.: for in-person clients going on vacation or business trips): 2 for $50 or $30 each. 

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