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“Erica was awesome to work with! I loved knowing I was on the right track to improving my running and staying injury-free, without guessing and piecemealing my own research. I also appreciated being able to meet up a few times during training for some company on the road, which is nice versus having a virtual/remote coach… Working with Erica took all of this guesswork out so that I was always confident in my plans each week. I knew she would plan around my schedule so that my workouts would be the most effective with the time I had, and they would be appropriately challenging for my current ability (and coming back from injury)…It was also great having someone just to be a sounding board to vent about the bad runs and celebrate the good ones, someone who “gets it” when non-runner friends fall short.” ~ Ashley B. (Marine Corps Marathon, then-PR)

“I have wanted to run a half marathon for 20 years. Yes, you read that correctly. I mentioned it to Erica and inquired about her coaching. She responded immediately and we had a phone call within a few days. She outlined her program AND provided enough support and encouragement to convince a 57 year old to go after my goal. We never looked back. I am thrilled she convinced me that I could do this!!!! …Erica is quite knowledgeable about all aspects of running. She is supportive, encouraging and answered all of my questions thoroughly and in a timely manner. Thank you! Thank you!!!! For helping me reach my 20 year goal!!!!” ~ Monica B. (First half marathon) 


“Erica was amazing- I could not have done it without her. Although I did not reach my “A” goal (anything can happen on race day) I felt so good! My training went so great and I will definitely be using her again post recovery!” ~Niki P. (First time marathoner, PRs: half marathon, 5-mile, and 5K distances while training with Erica.)



“So like most people, I did not like to exercise. I wasn’t sure how to work machines at the gym and found them intimidating. I got so bored on the treadmill and always quit it early. I never knew which day I should be working which body part. But! Then I decided to work out with Erica. Well I think she tricked me into it actually, but it worked. She actually made the workouts fun.  She took out all the guessing because she planned it all ahead and scheduled when I would work which muscles, and she was so smart about it, explaining why certain exercises work which muscles. She worked out with me so I didn’t feel alone or watched. But she was watching, to make sure I was doing exercises properly and not overworking muscles that shouldn’t be tense at certain times. She had modifications for tougher stuff but had a way of making me do “just one more” of the more challenging reps. She basically has all of the qualities of an ideal trainer. She even coached me in running my first 5k. My goal was to just get through it without having to walk. And I did it! It took a while, but Erica was next to me the whole time. Keeping me encouraged and distracted any time I wanted to stop. I am so grateful for her energy and support! I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for something different. Something personal and something that works for their individual bodies, minds, and even musical interests. (She has a 60s themed playlist for when she trains my dad). I mean I wish I loved working out as much as she does, but she definitely makes me enjoy it, and seeing results is even more enjoyable.” ~Andrea M. (Personal Training, First 5K)


“There has never been anyone who was able to motivate me quite the way Erica has, and does all the time. I ran my first 5K with her help and dedication to my success. I never thought it was possible for me to run that far, but I did it with Erica’s help. She regularly helps me manage my exercise and diet regimen, and having her as a cheerleader, coach, and friend has made a huge difference in my life. Everyone should have an ‘Erica’ in their lives to help them achieve their goals!” ~ Melissa B. (First 5K)