Promo Codes for Stuff I Love

Inside Tracker: Discover your body’s potential for a longer, healthier life with this ultra-personalized nutrition system that analyzes your blood, DNA, and habits. Backed by science, easy to use and understand, Inside Tracker’s guidance is sustainable to help you successfully optimize your health and reach your fitness goals. Get 25% off your purchase with code “PROERICA25.”

Alter Ego Running: Cool hats, fancy tech. Good vibes. Get 20% off with COVI20 (that’s a capital i, as in covi20)

Knockaround Sunglasses: Looking for affordable sunnies that don’t slip when you run? Look stylish while protecting your eyes with a pair (or 7) of scratch-resistant, polarized Knockarounds*.

Maven Thread Headbands: So many patterns and colors. soft fabric, great fit- and they DON’T slip off! With 2 widths to choose from (2″ or 4″), these will be an instant fave). Get 15% off with code RUNNERCOV

ROAD iD: IT’S NOT JUST A PIECE OF GEAR. IT’S PEACE OF MIND. Wearable ID that you can set and forget or use to make a bold style statement can quite literally be a matter of life or death. Check out more reasons to wear a ROADiD and get 25% off with RUNNERCOV.

RoofTree Massage Gun: Want to know more about my favorite recovery tool? Check out this post. Then use code RUNNERCOV for 15% off the R20*.

Tenikle*: No code needed when you use this link.

Tiux Socks: Comfort and compression. What else do you need in a running sock? Grab yours for 20% with code RUNNERCOV20.

*DisclaimerAs a Brand Associate, I have potential to earn a small commission from qualifying purchases you make by clicking on some of these links.