Promo Codes for Stuff I Love

Alter Ego Running: Cool hats, fancy tech. Good vibes. Get 20% off with COVI20 (that’s a capital i, as in covi20)

Knockaround Sunglasses: Looking for affordable sunnies that don’t slip when you run? Look stylish while protecting your eyes with a pair (or 7) of scratch-resistant, polarized Knockarounds*.

Maven Thread Headbands: So many patterns and colors. soft fabric, great fit- and they DON’T slip off! With 2 widths to choose from (2″ or 4″), these will be an instant fave). Get 15% off with code RUNNERCOV

ROAD iD: IT’S NOT JUST A PIECE OF GEAR. IT’S PEACE OF MIND. Wearable ID that you can set and forget or use to make a bold style statement can quite literally be a matter of life or death. Check out more reasons to wear a ROADiD and get 25% off with RUNNERCOV.

RoofTree Massage Gun: Want to know more about my favorite recovery tool? Check out this post. Then use code RUNNERCOV for 15% off the R20*.

Tenikle*: No code needed when you use this link.

Tiux Socks: Comfort and compression. What else do you need in a running sock? Grab yours for 20% with code RUNNERCOV20.

*DisclaimerAs an Brand Associate, I have potential to earn a small commission from qualifying purchases you make by clicking on these links.