Track Tuesday

Track Tuesday!

Run faster with this week’s workout: 8 x 400m By enduring the stress of a speedy session on a track (or road, or boardwalk), you’re providing the stimulus your body needs to adapt and build back stronger. This will allow you to run faster with less effort at a later date. This workout is a …

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5 Mile Run Training Group

Your Path to Belmar 5 Race Day Success! Are you ready to take your running performance to new heights? Look no further! As a certified running coach, I am STOKED to present you with an exclusive 8-week 5- mile run training program tailored specifically for the renowned Belmar 5. Whether you’re a seasoned runner aiming …

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Tip Tuesday: Hydration

It’s Tip Tuesday! Tonight’s tip is all about WATER. The name of the game is hydration. The folks at Road Runners Club of America want you to know that water delivers nutrients to working muscles and assists in temperature regulation. We all know that it’s important, but how can we be sure were consuming enough? …

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Part 2: Adaptation

According to the Road Runners Clubs of America and legendary running coach, Jack Daniels, superb training and racing success is built upon this idea: the body adapts to stress. Time spent running is the stimulus for your body to make 3 major cellular adaptations which improve running efficiency and performance: Muscular cells modify as the …

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